August Favourites

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Today’s post is a classic favourites, i hope you enjoy it! (There’s still nearly two weeks left of August, but i had this post ready so…. oops!!!)

Before i start i just want to say thank you so so much to everyone who has followed this blog!! I only started a couple of  months ago, so even though it won’t seem like a lot to many people, i’m shocked that 30 people have hit the follow button!! Thank you so much, I’m very grateful for your support!

Ok, moving on to the actual post…!!

  1. Treacle Moon One Ginger Morning Shower Gel

I love all of the Treacle Moon gels, but i recently have tried out this one and i love it! It smells amazing, it’s a really refreshing scent, perfect for an early morning shower! It also makes a really good bubble bath.

2. Makeup Revolution Amazing Setting Spray

This stuff is sooo good! If you struggle to make your makeup last all day, then i highly recommend that you try this.I don’t use this daily, just when i know i have a long day ahead and need my makeup to stay put! And it is such a bargain at £5!

3. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (Shade Cannes)

I love the formula of these lip creams, they are so comfortable on the lips, yet fairly long lasting too. If you find matte lipsticks too drying, then 100% give these a go. Cannes is a beautiful pink toned nude. I usually go for brown nudes so this was something a bit different for me!

4. Sleek Blush (Shade Rose Gold)

This blush has been my daily go to throughout summer. I am really not a blush person, but i love the subtle colour that this blush adds- perfect for summer too.

5. NYX Los Angeles Suede Lipliner

I loveee this Lipliner underneath any brown nude lipstick, as it gives it a really pretty purpley hue, and staying power. This liner is also super affordable, and creamy.

6. Makeup Revolution Blush Queen Palette

This palette is amazing. It comes with eight beautiful blush shades for £6!! I know I already have a blush in this post, but I have been loving this palette in August too. All but one of the colours are shimmery, but in the summer I love a bit of shimmer in blush. You get such a range of shades, so I would definitely recommend you try them out! 

7. MUA Highlight in the shade Iridescent Gold

I’ve had this highlighter for ages, and I’ve always loved it, but in the summer, I love gold highlighters even more. I’ve wearing this so much and it’s gorgeous! 

8. Makeup Revolution Color Chaos Palette 

I have really liked using brighter shadows recently, and this palette is perfect! The colours are very different to what I have already, and they have really nice pigmentation too! 

 Thank you so much for reading, i really appreciate it! Don’t forget to like this post if you enjoyed it too!

My Favourite makeup brushes

Hello! Welcome to my blog ‘thatsunflowergarden!’ 

In today’s post, I’m going to be sharing my favourite makeup brushes to use for each makeup item. I hope you enjoy…!

Real Techniques (Blush and Highlight)

I use the RT blush brush on a daily basis, and I LOVE it!! It puts blush on perfectly, not too heavily, but you can still notice it. I also quite like the setting brush for highlight, but I don’t use it too often. 

eBay Set (Powder, blending, eyeshadow)

This £5 eBay brush set includes 5 face and 5 eye brushes, which I really love. The quality isn’t great obviously, but they are so worth £5! I love the flat topped buffer brush for powder or powder foundation. I use the denser buffing brushes to blend out bronzer or blush when I go a little overboard, and I use the eyeshadow brushes loads too.  (Here’s a link so some that look similar to mine!)

*Note; I got these a while ago, before i was cruelty free, as these are from an ebay seller i cannot be certain what these brushes are made of and if they are cruelty free*

Superdrug own range (Highlight) 

My all time favourite highlighter brush is the superdrug blush brush. It is basically a dense fan brush, and it packs on highlight so well! And it’s only £2.99! I did have the powder brush from this range, but the bristles were a bit hard for me!! 

Primark (Contour, Eye)

I really like primark’s angled powder brush for contouring with, and I also use their eye contour brush, which I would recommend. 

Makeup Revolution (Brows)

When I use powder in my brows, I use the Makeup Revolution E104 angled brow brush to precisely fill them in. It is super affordable and available on the superdrug website or TAM beauty. 

Thank you so so much for reading!! I hope you found this helpful! Let me know if you’ve tried any of these brushes in the comments! 

Tesco Meat Free Range Review

Hello! Welcome to my blog ‘thatsunflowergarden!’ 

I just want to quickly let you know that i am lucky enough to be going on holiday for two weeks very soon, and i will have limited wifi access, so i have scheduled my posts, however i won’t be able to moderate and reply to comments or read your blogs as much as normal!

In today’s post I am going to be reviewing the Tesco own brand meat free range. I have tried a few different items from the range, and I thought I would share my favourites, and least favourites, so you can try some out for yourself! 

The first item, is the beetroot and feta croquettes. I love these as an easy side, or have a few with some quinoa and vegetables for an easy lunch or dinner. I love these so so much and would definitely recommend them!

Next we have the cheesy ‘chicken’ style kievs. Again, I really liked these. They had a really nice texture to them and I had one with some sweet potato fries and salad, it was really good. 

Another item I have tried is the avocado and peanut burger. I was so excited to try this, as I LOVE anything avo related! Unfortunately i didn’t really enjoy this as much as the other things. I found it a bit dry and I couldn’t taste much avocado either. Of course, that’s just my opinion, so do let me know if you have tried these and love them! 

The sweet potato falafels, which are actually vegan too, are amazing!! I often eat these with some of the beetroot and feta croquettes, for a little variety. They are very flavoursome and you can really taste the apricot.

Finally, we have the nut cutlet. I have really enjoyed this as a midweek meal that is super easy, and it tastes really good. You can taste a nutty flavour but it’s not too strong which is good. 

Well that’s it for today! I hope this was helpful to anyone who wants to try this range out! Please let me know in the comments if anyone has tried this, and if there is anything I’m missing out on! 

Album Review: Hero by Maren Morris

Hello! Welcome to my blog ‘thatsunflowergarden!’ 

In today’s post, I have another music review! This time, I will be talking about rising country star, Maren Morris’ debut album ‘Hero’. 

Also, huge, huge thank you for 30 followers!! That’s crazy! I really appreciate all the support!

I recently included one of the songs from this album in my last current favourite songs post (linked at bottom of page!) So I decided to do a full review as I love it so much. This is 100% up there as one of my favourite albums ever! There is so much variety, yet it still keep the same kind of style that makes Maren unique.

‘Sugar’, is a pop crossover song that literally makes me feel so happy whenever I hear it!! For that reason, it would have to be my favourite, if I absolutely HAD to choose, but I love so many others too. ‘Drunk Girls Don’t Cry’, is another favourite, about giving some love life advice to a friend. I also love my church, the first song I ever heard from Maren, I could use a love song, and I wish i was. 

Also included on the album is ‘Second Wind’ a song that was actually originally performed by Kelly Clarkson, but Maren helped write it, so she performed her version on this album. This song is about the hate that public figures can receive. I would definitely recommend you check this out. 

I also thought i would include a few songs that Maren helped write, but didn’t sing. She really is an amazing songwriter! (There are many, many more, but these are some favourites of mine!)

Last Turn Home by Tim McGraw

Blind by Aubrey Peeples (Nashville)

Real Life by Connie Britton (Nashville)


Thank you so so much for reading, I hope you enjoy maren’s music as much as I do! 


My Current Favourite Songs

Cruelty Free Brands

Hello! Welcome to my blog ‘thatsunflowergarden!’

In this week’s post, i am going to be sharing my favourite cruelty free makeup brands, and some of my favourite products from each. I hope you enjoy!


I have used collection makeup ever since i first starting wearing makeup, as they are so affordable and most products are really good too! My favourites from this brand have to be the lasting colour lipsticks and the clear brow gel.


Freedom was another brand that i was so pleased to discover was cruelty free when i decided to make the switch. I really like their eye shadow palettes- especially the secret rose one, and the highlight shade in their contour duo is amazing too. I’m also a big fan of the bronze and baked blush palette and the eye primer.

Makeup Revolution

Sooo, i know that mur is kind of the same as freedom (they’re sister brands!) But i love makeup revolution highlighters (i have a whole post about them!)  eyeshadow palettes and blush palettes, and everything is such good value too! Definitely try these out if you can!

Soap and Glory

I love soap and glory body products (the clean on me and hand food are favs!) but i didn’t try the makeup until more recently. My favourite product has to be the matte lipsticks, they are super comfortable on the lips, but still last well, and the colours are gorgeous!


My most used sleek product is for sure the blush in shade ‘rose gold’ which comes alone, or in the contour kit. I also love the solstice highlighters and would like to try the matte me lipsticks soon too.


I would 100% go as far as to say that NYX is my favourite brand (ok maybe tied with makeup revolution!!). Their taupe blush is my holy grail for contour, it is AMAZING for pale people! I also love their lip liners and soft matte lip creams.


MUA isn’t a brand that i use very often any more, but i’m including it because i remember when i first started with makeup, i loved it! They have loads of products for just £1, and even though some are a bit hit and miss with quality, they are really good for when you are still trying to decide what kind of products to spend a little more money on. That being said, i still wear their lipsticks and mascaras quite a lot, and i’ve heard a lot of good things about their eyeshadows too.

Please let me know what your favourite cf brand is in the comments- or if there is a product i need to try from any of the brands i have named! Thank you so much for visitng my blog and reading this post!

Artist Review: Kacey Musgraves

Hello! Welcome to my blog ‘thatsunflowergarden!’ 

In today’s post, I’m going to be doing an in detail review of one of my favourite artists- Kacey Musgraves. 

I first discovered her music, from my dad, but I soon became a huge fan of her music for myself. Her lyrics are just incredible. Every song Kacey writes and sings tells a story, and i love every song too much to pick a favourite! 

Her first label released album- same trailer different park, has 12 tracks, all amazingly written and produced. 

The album contains many themes, such as being who you are (follow your arrow), love (it is what it is, stupid) breakups (keep it to yourself, i miss you) , and, some of her best songs can be interpreted many different ways (dandelion, back on the map and more) 

Here are some of my favourite lyrics from her first album:

‘Plays you like a fiddle, shakes you like a rattle, takes away your gun and sends you into battle’ (Stupid)

‘You’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t, so you might as well just do whatever you want’ (Follow Your Arrow) 

‘Lemonade keeps turning into lemons, and you wear your heart on a ripped, unraveled sleeve’

(Silver lining) 

‘Same hurt in every heart/ Same trailer different park’

(Merry Go Round)

Her second album ‘Pageant Material’ is just as good as her last one, and I love every song! If I had to pick just one to sum up the album, I’d go either Dimestore Cowgirl, a song about Kacey herself, Cup Of Tea – my favourite when I first heard this album- it’s about trying to please everyone (or rather why you shouldn’t!), or the title track Pageant Material. I would really really recommend that you check her music out. 

She also released a Christmas Album last year too, which I might do a full review on, when Christmas comes around again! 

If there is another artist or album you want me to do a full in depth review on, or if you just have a recommendation to share, then be sure to leave it in the comments. Thanks for reading!!

Foods You Thought Were Vegetarian

Hello! Welcome to my blog ‘thatsunflowergarden!’

I am so so so sorry about my lack of posts over the last couple of weeks. I have been ridiculously busy, and i have now learnt my lesson and will take care to schedule posts when i know i will be busy! To make up for it, I am posting today, on Thursday and my usual Sunday post. Thank you for understanding!

In today’s post, i am going to be showing you some foods that i assumed were vegetarian- until i read the label! (Luckily i usually remember to check the label before eating!)

I know this post has been done a lot before, but i wanted to add some items that I have learnt about too. Also, i just want to say that, whether you choose to eat these foods is COMPLETELY up to you! If you are vegetarian but still choose to eat some/all of these, then that is totally fine, i’m not trying to force anything on anyone, just providing some information.

  1.  Chocolate Mousse

I was so sad to find out that chocolate mousse is, unfortunately, often made with gelatin- as are sooo many other products. I might do a blog post on a review of vegetarian chocolate mousse soon!

2. Ice Lollies

Be sure to check the ingridients list for gelatine or carmine (a red dye derived from beetles) when buying ice lollies!

3.  Haribo

Another gelatin food. Their rainbow twists are the only product that are suitable for vegetarians at this time. *cries*

4. Parmesan Cheese

This one is quite common, but i decided to include it anyway, because i didn’t actually realise this, until a few months into being veggie. Parmesan is made with rennet, which is basically the stomachs of various animals. Fortunately, there are so many different vegetarian versions, in the supermarket look for things labelled ‘Italian Style Hard Cheese’ or similar and check the label!

5. Soups

Even if a soup seems vegetarian (like mushroom or tomato) sometimes it can contain beef stock, which therefore makes it unsuitable for vegetarians. I really like cully and sully soups, which use vegetable stock.

6. Yoghurt

Yoghurt is usually fine, but sometimes can contain gelatin. Avoid brands like yoplait and Dannon.

There are many, many more foods that you would think are vegetarian, i might do a part 2 at some point! Feel free to add to this post in the comments too 🙂 Thank you for visiting my blog!